I've never been good at goodbyes. I don't particularly think that is a skill but tonight I wish it was. Today I said goodbye to someone who has broken my heart beyond what he should have but also someone who I cared for deeply. I know in reality we weren't right for each other, but... Continue Reading →


Dear You.

There is a lot of things that I wish I could say to you, but we've cut all contact so I'm trying to get it out into the world somehow. In the past month or so, I've slowly started to rebuild. Rebuild myself, rebuild my trust and rebuild my mind. I really want to hate you, I think I should, but I don't.


"You used to call me baby, now you're calling me by name." My heart seems to be in a million pieces. Shattered. Broken. Non-existent. I'm never one to get easily attached, but with him, it seemed so different. The short time that he was placed in my life, I felt different. I wasn't thinking about... Continue Reading →

A recap of 2017.

This year has had up and down moments, more than I want to think about, but memories that will be in my mind forever. This year started off very poorly. With the events of 2016, 2017 seemed impossible to complete, and it almost was. January was spent with my friends and myself taking space from... Continue Reading →


In my friendship group, I am known as the friend that hates commitment. I don't know whether its because every 'relationship' I've been in has ended before they have really began or because my friendship group is made of three couples and two singles. It might largely to do with the fact that I've been hurt by people that decided one day that the short emo girl standing in front of them is not good enough.Β 


toxic = poisonous.Β  This week I managed to make a good decision. In my state of feeling numb, I broke off a "friendship". In a very short amount of time this so called friendship became very toxic. With my unfortunate ability to be able to manipulate situations and his ability to change my thought pattern, we became poisonous.


In a time of need, we seem to turn to the people we love most in this world. But I often wonder the reason why we all tend to feel alone during a period of hurt and sadness? We're all people with emotions and feelings. Some of us are better at saying how we feel... Continue Reading →


Ever since she was a young girl, she was terrified of storms. The thunder cracking, the lightning whipping and the constant rain meant they were cold and brutal. This storm was much more dangerous and reckless than she'd ever experienced before. Her storm can in the form of emerald eyes, wild hair and a smirk... Continue Reading →

An emotionally unstable music lover.

I got asked a simple question today that really stumped me for reasons I don't understand. 'Why does music mean so much to you?', was asked by acquaintance without realising how much her words had affected the girl sitting across from her.

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