A recap of 2016.

How has this year been for you Katy?

I would describe this year as bitter sweet. A time of highs and lows, more lows but they’ve taught me a lot. The year started off with my sadness getting the better of me. I spent a lot of my time being sad or with my headphones in. This was probably most likely due to my deteriorating friendships with two people I loved with all my heart. The truth was the three of us grew up, but in different ways. Whilst I spent time on improving my mental health, they spent time discovering they were a little more than just friends. At the time I was happy they’d discovered this because they both deserved to feel happy and they did that for each other. What kind of best friend would I be if I hated that? The three of us just started to fight. I was upset because they no longer made effort to see me or respond to my efforts to make plans. They did and said things that best friends should not and this really hurt me. I know that I made mistakes that hurt them too, one was becoming close to someone who they absolutely despised. Little do they know that he was definitely one of the highs of 2016.

Whilst these friendships were deteriorating, I made a lot more. I grew close to a girl that I’d do anything for, she’s my best friend and has no idea how much she’s done for the short emo girl that constantly makes fun of her. I also grew close to two girls that have been in my life for a long time, I love them with all my heart even though they’re the complete opposite personalities to my own. These three girls are the reason why 2016 hasn’t been a complete pile of shit. We’ve had many great times this year and for that I thank them with all my love.

This year I also discovered that boys are interesting. New experiences with them have lead me to believe that they are some of the most weird but interesting things on the planet. Here’s a list of them. Boy One: I discovered that at parties Katy thinks that hooking up with a 20 year old in a pantry is the best idea in the world. I’m still trying to decide whether he was one of the highs or lows of 2016. He’s annoying but kinda funny so it’s okay. Boy Two: I had a crush on a boy who I shouldn’t of. I got into too deep and it ended messily but he still floats in and out of my life but that’s okay as I would rather he does this than stays completely out of it. He makes me so unbelievably mad but that’s okay too. Boy Three is very recent, I’m still very unsure what will happen with this one but lets just say I’m along for the ride.

Towards the end of the year, the fighting with the two people mentioned earlier on in the post had stopped. We slowly started to forgive each other and made more effort with each other. They’ve taught me a lot and I wouldn’t do anything for them to change. We’ve spent the last couple of months earning back the best friend titles and trust of one another. But in the early weeks of December, disaster struck. Getting a text from your best friend telling you that his Dad had died is not how I planned my Saturday night. My heart completely and utterly shattered. When your sixteen the last thing you imagine happening is someone’s parent dying. That’s supposed to happen when we’re fifty and have become parents ourselves, not when we haven’t even completed high school. Not when we’re still growing and changing. And definitely not when we haven’t even been around long enough to be called an adult. This was an extreme low of 2016.

I spent the last weeks of December being a very emotionally unstable human, well at least a lot more than usual. A lot of happiness and a lot of sadness. I spent time with my lovely family that drive me up the wall but that’s what they’re supposed to do. I turned the young age of seventeen with my friends and family around me and I partied into 2017 with the three girls I love most in this world. I’m thankful for this year, as much as it was hard and how much I felt I wasn’t going to get through it. I look forward to what the new year brings. I already know that it brings the end of high school which I’m extremely excited and scared shitless for at the same time. I hope I grow mentally stronger as I slowly make my way through life without being a complete disaster. Bring on 2017.



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