In my friendship group, I am known as the friend that hates commitment. I don't know whether its because every 'relationship' I've been in has ended before they have really began or because my friendship group is made of three couples and two singles. It might largely to do with the fact that I've been hurt by people that decided one day that the short emo girl standing in front of them is not good enough. 



toxic = poisonous.  This week I managed to make a good decision. In my state of feeling numb, I broke off a "friendship". In a very short amount of time this so called friendship became very toxic. With my unfortunate ability to be able to manipulate situations and his ability to change my thought pattern, we became poisonous.


In a time of need, we seem to turn to the people we love most in this world. But I often wonder the reason why we all tend to feel alone during a period of hurt and sadness? We're all people with emotions and feelings. Some of us are better at saying how were feeling... Continue Reading →

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